About Us

The story...

Hi! Welcome... I’m Nadia, founder of Darzeen.

“Dar” means Home and “Zeen” means Beauty!

I’m a wife and a Mother of a girl and two boys. I am Moroccan but I have never really lived in Morocco, I was too busy travelling  and exploring the world.

Travelling  for me is not just a brief stay somewhere ; it is a true connection with a special place, people and culture. 

I am so in love with Morocco, the diversity of the cities and their fascinating people (Moroccans - Arab or Berbers). Inspired by this passion, a couple of years ago, I thought that I could combine my love for travel and my inspirations for interior to make people know better about my country and help them find unique and beautiful handmade treasures to their home.

That’s how Darzeen was born !

I think that home is the place where you surround yourself with what makes you happy. I do believe that filling our homes with things that are both functional and beautiful, items that bring warmth and peace around you is essential in our life.





Darzeen was founded with one goal in mind: creating beautiful items to adorn your home and to finding stunning pieces carefully hand crafted by Moroccan artisans

Darzeen strive to support local artisans and their families from places like Morocco and share their crafts with the world.

From yesterday to now...

Originally based in Singapore Darzeen is now in Dubai.

We do really hope you enjoy browsing our Moroccan treasures, and hope they inspire creativity for your home.